We make easy and immediate to communicate via SMS from your app or from the web!

Who we are

The company

Skebby™ - Mobile Solution Srl is a leader of Mobile Marketing & Services and also operates in the field of Web Advertising.
Skebby operates in the innovative sector of online SMS services and has developed an innovative platform for the provision of SMS marketing & service solutions, accessible from third parties' applications and web servers via API as well as from any pc via a web application. Furthermore Skebby developed the first mobile app for free texts over the internet from any mobile phone defined by the press as the "Skype for SMS". 
Skebby offers to large business, SMEs and public entities, SMS send and receive services, single or multiple in broadcasting, free or paid for, to communicate special offers and coupons, confirm events and appointments, deliver contents or gather info, requests and contributions or run surveys via text message. 
Skebby is trusted by 47.550 businesses including leading media and brands.



Awards and Recognitions

Our platform and services have already been acknowledged as being among the most advanced and innovative of their kind.

Startcup MilanoSkebby won the "Special Award for the Best Entrepreneurial Idea in Milan" at the Start Cup Milano 2010.Camera di commercio di MilanoSkebby won the "Connect your Business" the competition run by the Milan Chamber of Commerce for innovative businesses.