Piattaforma SMS proprietaria ad alta disponibilità

Infrastructure and Security

Skebby™, is a provider authorised by the Ministry for Economic Development and Communications to supply electronic communication services to the public as specified in article 25 of the Code (Italian Law Decree 1st August 2003, no. 259, Annex no. 9) on Retail Data Services. The company is also registered on the Register of Communications Operators (ROC) of the Italian Telecommunications Ombudsman (AGCOM) with registration number 17643.

Skebby's SMS servers use direct connections with the main mobile operators and/or aggregators in Italy and abroad, providing high capacity, powerful, swift connectivity to deliver messages directly to any end user’s handset in Italy and to over 170 countries around the world. The infrastructure is based on an advanced technological platform wholly developed and managed by Skebby.

Skebby's entire hardware infrastructure is located at the KPNQwest Web Farm, one of Italy's most advanced, secure data centres, with an SLA guarantee of 99.99% for IP connectivity uptime and 99.98% for electric current. The facility can house up to 10,000 servers and is adjacent to the MIX Internet in Via Caldera, Milano, to which it is connected with high-capacity fibre optics. Our housed servers are monitored 24 hours a day to offer the utmost security.

All of Skebby's servers, switches and storage are redundant and in the event of any element breaking down, the service continues to be supplied without interruption. Skebby monitors its systems directly 12 hours a day. At night, dedicated software programs monitor all processes round the clock, and in case of abnormality they notify a technician who will respond within one hour at the most. 

We will carry out specific checks in the case of defects or malfunctions. Please e-mail us at support@skebby.com to discuss any issues.

For real time updates on any service problems follow us on Twitter.