Why use Mobile marketing and SMS for your marketing

2 hours

Average time spent per day using mobile phone

150 times

Average number of times we look at our mobile phone every day


Percentage of people who own a mobile phone

Mobile marketing. Why?

Mobile phones have become an integral part of daily life. 85% of the population owns a mobile phone, which places it second only to the television as a means of communication. But, even though it is in second place, the mobile phone has particular characteristics which make it unique. Immediacy, customisation, interaction, localisation, ubiquity: these are all features that add value to the mobile phone.

Why SMS?

The channel of communication chosen by Skebby is the SMS. As you will gather from the infographic that follows, there are three features of the SMS that are difficult to find in other tools: high levels of accessibility, visualisation and response. The comparison with the EMAIL overwhelming evidence.

Visualizzazione - Skebby


90% of mobile phone owners use SMS while only 22% use email on their mobile phone.

Raggiungibilità - Skebby


98% of SMS messages are read within 5 seconds of delivery compared to 10% of emails.

Risposta - Skebby


32% of mobile phone users who receive a promotional SMS message respond/interact and are more likely to visit the sales point or website.

How SMS Marketing can help your business.

The term SMS immediately brings to mind a text message sent from a mobile phone from one person to another. Skebby offers an Application to Person service which allows businesses, institutions and professionals to use SMS messaging as a simple, fast and direct tool for communicating with clients, suppliers, and partners. This service was developed in response to the numerous requests received from businesses and institutions who had built up a database of mobile phone numbers of their clients, suppliers, and business partners over the years and who wanted to exploit the possibility to communicate in a way that was straightforward and immediate. From SMEs to small coffee shops, from large firms to beauty centres – everyone can benefit from the potential of SMS marketing.
Come puoi usare il Mobile Marketing via SMS per la tua attività - Skebby

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