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Brignoli Superstore – SMS Campaigns

Challenge presented

BRIGNOLI SUPERSTORE is a business founded in the 1960s, which sells footwear, accessories and leather goods and has 5 stores in the Lombardy region. The company was seeking a further channel in addition to e-mail in order to communicate with its customers, while maintaining the trust-based relationships that they have built over the years.

Actions undertaken

BRIGNOLI SUPERSTORE uses Skebby’s SMS Messenger web console to send promotional text messages to its customers. Through sign-ups for its Butterfly Card loyalty scheme, Brignoli Superstore gathers the phone numbers of customers interested in receiving promotions via SMS. For each SMS the company wishes to send, the customer database is rapidly uploaded to the private area on Skebby as an Excel file, so as to ensure that details are kept constantly up to date. The messages sent contain advertisements/promotions (e.g. a discount for a particular weekend or brand) and are tailored to the store they refer to. Thanks to SMS Classic + sending with delivery reports, Brignoli Superstore can also monitor the progress of the text messages it sends.

Benefits delivered

"Sending promotional messages to our customers by e-mail only was monotonous and not very effective. By using the SMS channel, we keep customer engagement high, with promotions and discounts and we encourage them to visit our stores" explains Logistics Manager, BRIGNOLI SUPERSTORE.

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