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We work with a large number of companies across various sectors. This page shows some of our most recent success stories, and examples of how businesses can benefit from our SMS advertising and SMS contact solutions.

Send SMS to customers of consumer goods and services companies

Mobile marketing and services via SMS is a communication channel that's increasingly popular with consumer goods and services companies. It allows them to keep in touch with their customers, responding to requests for support or assistance; to supply innovative services through sending and receiving SMS; to generate sales by announcing promotions and special offers; to keep customers updated on the latest products and improve coordination between members of staff.

Application: Automation of Programming Process

Meliconi S.p.A. is an Italian firm that’s known for manufacturing universal remote controls. It operates in the national and international mass retail sector (domestic appliances, audio, video and consumer electronics), and was looking for a speedy, reasonably-priced system for the process of programming its remote controls (24 hours a day).

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Application: CRM Activity via SMS

S.C.A. - Società Commercio Auto srl, a Citroën authorised dealership based in Potenza, not only sells new and used cars but also carries out car repairs and is an Authorised Service Centre. The company was looking for a supplier that would allow them to communicate with their customers quickly and simply, via text messages.

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Application: SMS Campaigns

BRIGNOLI SUPERSTORE is a business founded in the 1960s, which sells footwear, accessories and leather goods and has 5 stores in the Lombardy region. The company was seeking a further channel in addition to e-mail in order to communicate with its customers, while maintaining the trust-based relationships that they have built over the years.

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Application: SMS Campaigns

Catania Mall is an outlet selling clothing, footwear, bags and accessories at Misterbianco in the province of Catania. The shopping centre only carries prestigious designer brands such as Gucci, Dior, D&G, Burberry, etc. Catania Mall was seeking an SMS supplier at competitive rates, which would allow them to contact their customers quickly and easily.

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Application: Promotions via SMS

2Win S.p.a is a clothing manufacturer and retailer based in Biella, with four retail spaces across the Piedmont region. 2Win S.p.a was looking for a way of quickly and easily updating its clients about new schemes and promotions.

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Application: SMS campaigns

Claudio Miceli is one of Italy’s top boutiques, with 5 stores selling the most prestigious Italian fashion brands. It also has its own e-boutique,, which allows customers who are physically remote to purchase their favourite labels with no hassle. Claudio Miceli was seeking a channel for communicating with its customers in real time.

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