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Why Skebby?

Founded in 2007 Skebby is one of the Italy’s leaving provider of SMS messaging cloud solutions and services, with millions of messages each month by 47.000 businesses including leading media and brands and over 3.430.000 over individuals.

Trusted by 47.000 customers

Skebby's technological platform has been acknowledged and awarded as one of the most innovative in Italy. It offers the most advanced, quick and simple solutions for mobile marketing campaigns and services via SMS; specifically, our SMS Messenger web app or our Company name APIs offer a range of functions and can support a wide variety of different uses. Furthermore Skebby developed the first mobile app for sending free texts over the internet from any mobile phone defined by the press as the "Skype for SMS".
The Skebby success story did not go unnoticed: this is what media are saying about us
Our large portfolio of customers include organizations covering a broad range of sectors and industries from small stores, to universities through large multi-nationals. SMS has already worked for business of all size which have inlcuded our SMS service in their marketing and communication plan. Today you can do the same: better that your customers do not read your competitors’ txt messages first!


Our innovative, advanced platform and services leave the competition in the dust ' at least that's what our customers and the press tell us! So we entered ourselves into a few awards. Here's what we've achieved to date:

Skebby won the "Special Prize for the Best Entrepreneurial Idea in Milan" at the Start Cup Milano 2010 with our innovativeCertified SMS. Go to our online press cuttings or our blog to find out more.

Skebby ha vinto il bando "Connetti la tua Impresa" indetto dalla Camera di Commercio di Milano per imprese nel settore ICT che realizzano progetti di ricerca, sperimentazioni e investimenti innovativi.

If you'd like to find out more about what we do, have any questions for our press office or would just like a few suggestions from somebody on our team, e-mail us or call us on +39 02 40 70 72 40 If you'd like to see our press cuttings, download the press pack or get the Skebby logo or other images, visit our press area.

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