How to run effective SMS campaign

Top tips to a successfull SMS campaign


Any business or organisation in any sector, however small, can benefit from using communication campaigns and services via SMS. Here are 10 tips on how to create powerful mobile marketing campaigns and text-based services.

1: Make it personal

Ensure your text messages are clearly written. To make sure the recipient acts upon the text, you should explain what they need to do to benefit from the information you're sending them.

2: Time it right

Be careful to choose the right time of day to send your messages. If you want to prompt an action or response from the recipient, make sure they have enough time to do so. To make this easier, you can write the text message in advance and send it later, using Skebby's scheduled sending function.

3: Be brief

A single SMS consists of no more than 160 characters. To keep your campaign costs down you need to pick your words carefully. Stick to the point and ensure that the benefit/advantage is clear.

4: Don't repeat send

Manage your campaign responsibly and avoid repeat sending the same text message to the same person. Update your mobile marketing content regularly to keep it interesting and engaging.

5: Clean up your database

Sending texts to an old or inactive mobile number can get expensive. Make sure you test your contact list frequently, deleting numbers that are no longer in use: send out an initial message using SMS Classic + with a delivery report, and check delivery report for every number in your database. You'll save time and money in the long run!

6: Monitor your results

Measure the effectiveness and results of your mobile marketing campaigns and services, so you can improve on them. What was the response rate? What was the ROI? Try sending messages with a range of offers at different times of day or days of the week, or send texts to different groups of customers to find out what works best for your business.

7: Get new contacts with the 'opt-in' rule

Use an SMS with your contact number and a keyword to rapidly grow your list of contacts who choose (opt in) to receive your text messages: for example, 'Text AllMobile to 320 20 41 711 to get the latest offers and promotions on mobile electronics'. Simply include 'number+keyword+text' in all the printed publicity materials at your retail outlet and elsewhere. And remember: text messages can be intrusive and annoying if sent to people who have not specifically requested to receive them. Protect your company's reputation by ensuring that all recipients have opted in to receive your messages.

8: Allow and respect opt-out requests

On your printed materials or in the SMS itself, always specify how recipients can opt out. Make sure your customers know that they can decide to stop receiving your texts at any time.

9: Identify your target

Make sure that your recipients are actually interested in what you're promoting. There's no point in a beauty salon sending special offers to a rugby player!

10: Make it personal

Use our options to personalise your texts by inserting names, appointment times or other details to make your SMS messages more personal, relevant and forceful. You can also personalise the message sender field by using your brand or logo to maximise the communicative impact.

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