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SMS Publicity: Focus Memos, thanks to Skebby

SMS advertising services to promote sales as the latest issue of the magazine hits newstands

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Skebby allows magazines in the Focus group (Gruner+Jahr/Mondadori), to offer innovative SMS mobile marketing services to more than 5,000,000 readers in Italy. Most notably, the Memo service, whereby readers receive free SMS publicity alerts (memos summarising the main headlines) each time an issue comes out, and can also send free SMS from their mobiles via the Internet to all their friends on Skebby.
Readers sign up and subscribe to the memo for one or more magazines simply by sending an SMS to a dedicated number for the Memo service. The service is also available to readers who have Skebby on their phones, in which case it is free for the publisher, or via a premium SMS service.

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SMS Publicity: Focus Memos, thanks to Skebby

SMS Promotions

Discover a variety of ways of carrying out publicity via SMS:
  • Announce new products or events
  • Tell clients about special offers or immediate sales
  • Gather prospects' phone numbers and grow your contact list
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