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Unione Industriali Pordenone – Reminder via SMS

Challenge presented

Unione Industriali Pordenone is the business association for industrial companies in the province of Pordenone, which promotes high added value initiatives for sustainable and structural development of the local area and its companies. In its ongoing search for increasingly effective methods for keeping its members informed and actively involved, Unione Industriali Pordenone was looking for a channel that would allow it to reach businesspeople and managers in a direct, concise way on the move, reminding them about strategic events for the association and for the competitive growth of their companies.

Actions undertaken

Unione Industriali Pordenone regularly organises statutory meetings such as assemblies, boards of governors, committees and meetings for its product sectors and for the Young Entrepreneurs Group. In order to announce these events and gather confirmations of attendance, the Association uses a mixture of tools such as newsletters, direct mailing, printed memorandums and online forms. In 2012, through Skebby, it began sending text messages to the mobile phones of members of the association’s bodies, businesspeople and other corporate contacts. An SMS is sent as a final reminder the day before or the day of the event. What’s more, an SMS receive number has been set up to receive confirmations of attendance, which are automatically forwarded to a specific e-mail address.

Benefits delivered

We immediately achieved good initial results explains Ornella Piazza, Marketing and Development for the Association – Agreements for Unione Industriali Pordenone. people who have been contacted by SMS have confirmed that they often did not have time to filter and read through all the e-mails they receive, while with this method they’re more easily able to identify an important association event and therefore reschedule their diary accordingly. What’s more, this helps them to confirm their attendance, an action that is crucial for us as organisers. The system is direct and works in real time: there are no company intermediaries, there’s no delay in sending the memo to the intended recipient of our announcement. This is a great advantage when, for example, events have to be rescheduled at the last minute. Another benefit we’ve achieved is that more people are taking part in our events as a consequence. Lastly, many people have said that they now perceive us as being more dynamic and more aware of their needs.

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