SMS Skebby Affiliate

Publish Skebby banners and promote us on your website or blog, Ebay page, Twitter page, etc
Your clients can sign up to Skebby for free through the link associated to your banner
Clients purchase text bundles on Skebby website

Who it is aimed at

Owners of websites, blogs, social network pages,
(eBay, Twitter, Facebook etc.) as well as VAT-registered companies.

What's in it for you

  • It's free, becoming a Skebby affiliate costs nothing.
  • You can earn up to 20% commission on credit purchased by your clients.
  • Your clients have 10 years to make a purchase.
  • Earn a commission on all purchases made by your clients, for the affiliation duration.
  • Custom links: create links to any page on and put them on your homepage.
  • Updated reports with registered users, purchases made and your earnings.

What you can earn

Text bundle purchased by your client

Your earnings

SMS volumeUnit price €Amount €%Amount €
250€ 0,064€ 1620%€ 3
500€ 0,064€ 3220%€ 6
1.000€ 0,064€ 6420%€ 13
2.500€ 0,064€ 16020%€ 32
5.000€ 0,059€ 29520%€ 59
10.000€ 0,056€ 56015%€ 84
25.000€ 0,053€ 1.32515%€ 199
50.000€ 0,051€ 2.55010%€ 255

All amounts are VAT excluded.

How the program works

In four simple steps you are ready to gain:

Sign up to Skebby and join
the program for free
Advertise Skebby
on your website
Optimize the banners
to encourage sales
Check your results and
cash in your earnings