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QVC Italia – Update clients on shipping status of products

Challenge presented

QVC Italia is a television channel offering shopping and entertainment 24 hours a day, and is part of the international group QVC Inc. which is owned by Liberty Media Corporation - Liberty Interactive Group (NASDAQ: LINTA). QVC was seeking an effective communication method in order to quickly update its customers on the shipping status of products ordered, and to allow it to rapidly develop new services using SMS.

Actions undertaken

By integrating the Skebby SMS Gateway into its systems, QVC Italia was able to quickly offer its customers an SMS alert service regarding the delivery of their orders.

Benefits delivered

"By using SMS alerts as a dispatch note, which therefore allows customers to get in touch with QVC Customer Care immediately, the number of failed deliveries is falling constantly, allowing the company to making savings across the entire distribution process. What’s more, QVC Italia is now able to develop innovative new services involving SMS sending and receiving" explains Claudio Rivabene, New Technology, E-commerce Platform & Infrastructure Manager, QVC Italia.

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