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Confartigianato – Text Alerts

Challenge presented

Confartigianato Imprese is Italy’s foremost association for craft, micro enterprises and small businesses, with a membership of more than 700,000 businesses and entrepreneurs. Confartigianato Trapani needed to be able to quickly and simply send regular informative text messages to its members.

Actions undertaken

Confartigianato Trapani chose the Skebby SMS Messenger service to send useful information to its members: for example, reminding them about tax deadlines, opportunities for financial subsidies, alerts about legislation and standards, etc.

Benefits delivered

Confartigianato Trapani can quickly send multiple texts to all those who are interested, who receive information directly to their mobile phones. "Text messages are remarkably effective as they go directly to mobile phones and immediately arouse people’s curiosity; they’re much shorter than letters or postcards so we have to condense the information, but we always include a phone number and encourage our members to call us for details. Indeed, our response rate with SMS is 35% compared to 2% for newsletters, so far more responses than traditional channels. What’s more, SMS Messenger is saving us up to 70% on costs for printing and mailing letters" explains Francesco La Francesca Provincial Secretary, Confartigianato Trapani.

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