Create groups/contact lists automatically via SMS

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SMS Group: automatically create lists of mobile numbers via SMS and then text them all simultaneously

SMS Group is the ideal solution for businesses and organisations wishing to create groups/lists of mobile numbers automatically via SMS. Tell people your receive SMS number with a text for signing up to the group, and then send them all info, services and content via bulk SMS.

The fastest way of automatically creating contact lists

  • Create an unlimited number of groups/lists of numbers automatically
  • Publish on your website or brochure your number to receive SMS with a text for signing up/opting out of your list/group via SMS
  • Allow all your clients or prospects to sign up/opt out of your services via SMS
  • Automatically gather mobile numbers in just seconds
  • No ties: you only pay per SMS, from 1,9 cents


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Case Study

Use SMS Gateway software and purchase SMS for sending bulk texts to your clients with special offers, discounts, information about appointments or the progress of their applications directly from your app/website. PA Digitale uses the SMS Gateway integrated with their platform to send urgent alerts to citizens of public institutions/services such as snow emergency reports or information e.g. luncheon vouchers via SMS.

Group SMS Functionalities

  • Create an unlimited number of groups/lists of numbers automatically
  • Encourage your customers to subscribe to groups/lists via SMS so you can send them services/content via SMS
  • Upon receiving their SMS, you'll automatically acquire the mobile numbers of all those interested in receiving your messages
  • Organize, edit, add the contacts received to your groups; you can also import numbers from files
  • Send bulk SMS to all members of the group/list from our web application or your software
  • Receive SMS in reply, which can then be forwarded to your server or email address

SMS Group Functionalities



Create a group for receiving SMS on a dedicated number

  • Buy a dedicated receive SMS number that will be reserved for you
  • Go to > Login > Inboxes > "Automatically create group" and choose the texts to associate with the sign up (e.g. ON) and opt out (e.g. STOP) from the list and indicate the group (e.g.SPAIN) to which you want the mobile numbers of those texting you to be subscribed/unsubscribed

Create a group for receiving SMS on a shared number with keyword

  • Buy a shared number for receiving SMS with keyword (e.g. LASTMINUTE)
  • To receive SMS messages, each message must contain your keyword as its first characters (e.g. LASTMINUTE) while in the remaining characters (= 160 - number of characters of keyword) customers will be able to enter text with info/request

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  • On > Login > Contacts select the group/list that you want to send SMS messages to simultaneously, e.g. "SPAIN"
  • Customise the message sender field with a mobile phone number or an alphanumeric string e.g. "LASTMINUTE"
  • Customise the text with dynamic fields e.g. "Hello [name], holiday in Ibiza..."
  • Send SMS of up to 1530 characters joined together into a single message (Classic) or of 1549 characters (Basic)
  • Schedule messages to be sent at a future date or on multiple recurring dates
  • Get info on the delivery report of each SMS
  • Receive a delivery report for your message (Classic +)

See how easy it is to create lists/groups of numbers automatically and send SMS to them all



How much it costs to send/receive sms

  • No initial set up fee or monthly fee
  • You pay only for SMS sent/received, from 3cent/SMS (0cent if the person has Skebby on their mobile)
  • No commitment

or get a


  1. Nothing to download or install

  2. Sign up to Skebby for free selecting SMS Messenger: you can start sending and receiving with 10 free SMS

  3. If you want to continue messaging, buy a text bundle or purchase your own number to receive