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Receive SMS Prices

Prices to receive unlimited free text messages in the period.

DurationShared number 366 58 60 580
with keyword
Dedicated number
3 months4€ / month
12 €
40€ / month
120 €
6 months4€ / month
24 €
38€ / month
228 €
12 months3€ / month
36 €
30€ / month
360 €
  • * Prices in Euro, VAT excluded, per message or segment of 160 characters.
  • Duration period of 3-24 months, renewable upon expiry.
  • SMS Senders from any destination pay a cost in accordance with their own rate plan.

Receive SMS Features

Shared number 366 58 60 580
with keyword

Dedicated Number

Receive rate40 SMS/Sec40 SMS/Sec
Virtualized GSM number on operator network
Receive SMS in real-time
Receive Messages from
- italian sims
-foreign sims

on demand*
Number of receivable SMSunlimitedunlimited
Forwarding and receiving messages on one or more of:
- http POST server
- Email address
- Google Drive spreadsheet

Receive replies to your messages sent with the number as senderonly if the text contain keyword**
  • * to activate the reception service on dedicated number from foreign sims, send us a request on
  • ** as a first word in the message.

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