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Application: Text Alerts

Focus (Gruner+Jahr/ Mondadori publishing group) is the most popular Italian monthly magazine, with more than 6 million readers in Italy, and it covers current affairs, science and sociology. It was using an SMS service called “Memo Focus” to let its readers know, by SMS, when the magazine hit the newsstands; it was looking for an innovative method for reducing contact costs via SMS.

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Application: SMS Campaigns

Il Sole 24 Ore is Italy’s biggest selling business daily. The newspaper mainly covers economics, politics, news in the tax and legal sectors, and the financial markets. Il Sole 24 Ore was seeking a channel for promoting the publication of the “I Viaggi del Sole” periodical, sold with the newspaper as a supplement on specific dates.

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Application: Promotional Campaigns via SMS

Jakala Group is a leading group in marketing, communication, events and e-business. It works with top Italian firms in a variety of different sectors. Jakala Group wanted to offer its corporate clients the option of sending promotional/advertising messages to their contacts, at highly competitive rates.

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The mission of PA Digitale SpA, a leading business for innovation in public services, is to simplify, reorganise and modernise internal processes in public authorities. PA Digitale wanted to integrate the SMS channel into its management solutions, to offer a direct, effective channel of communication to the clients of public services.

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Application: CRM Services via SMS

MutuiOnline allows people to compare products from more than 40 participating banks and find a mortgage to suit their requirements. MutuiOnline was looking for a straightforward, direct way of communicating with its clients rapidly, and for monitoring access to its internal business systems.

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Application: CRM Services via SMS srl is a company that specialises in consulting and managing personal loans for employees and pensioners. wanted to integrate the SMS channel into its CRM system in order to communicate effectively with its clients and prospects.

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Application: Internal Corporate Communication

The General Agency INA ASSITALIA in Grosseto promotes and offers insurance services to the whole of this province of Tuscany, always placing the customer’s needs first. The Agency was looking for a swift, simple way of quickly communicating with its staff members.

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Application: Update clients on shipping status of products

QVC Italia is a television channel offering shopping and entertainment 24 hours a day, and is part of the international group QVC Inc. which is owned by Liberty Media Corporation - Liberty Interactive Group (NASDAQ: LINTA). QVC was seeking an effective communication method in order to quickly update its customers on the shipping status of products ordered, and to allow it to rapidly develop new services using SMS.

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Application: Automation of Programming Process

Meliconi S.p.A. is an Italian firm that’s known for manufacturing universal remote controls. It operates in the national and international mass retail sector (domestic appliances, audio, video and consumer electronics), and was looking for a speedy, reasonably-priced system for the process of programming its remote controls (24 hours a day).

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Application: Communication via SMS

LThe Civil Defence service of the Province of Venice manages problems and weather-related emergencies affecting the area of the Province, coordinating more than 2200 people. The Civil Defence service was seeking a fast, real-time way of contacting and updating all of its volunteers across the province, with bulletins issued by the Regional Authority or by the Prefecture reporting emergencies, natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, etc.) and stating what measures, if any, need to be taken

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Application: Text alerts

The Municipality of Pisa used regional funding under the "e-government project" to implement the "Citel" portal. This is in effect a virtual helpdesk through which citizens can access interactive online services. The Municipality was seeking a reliable, competitive partner which would allow them to send text alerts about significant events, subject to prior agreement with citizens.

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Application: SMS Campaigns

The Milan Polytechnic’s Career Service provides placement services to more than 15,000 students and alumni of the Politecnico di Milano. Most of these services are provided via web, and a complementary tool was required to keep students/graduates updated on new job vacancies which come up while they are browsing online.

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Application: Promotions via SMS

Federcalzature is the Italian Federation for the Shoe Trade, which represents more than 11,000 retail, wholesale and import-export businesses. Federcalzature is a member of Confcommercio and the CEDDEC (European Shoe Trade Confederation). Federcalzature was looking for an easy, user-friendly SMS application to offer its member companies to allow them to contact end consumers via text message.

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Application: Receive SMS in real time

Sinistra Ecologia Libertà (SEL) is a political party whose chairman and national spokesperson is Nichi Vendola. The party has more than 45,000 members in Italy and abroad. Sinistra Ecologia Libertà wanted to publish its members’ comments, ideas and opinions about party initiatives and events live on its website (e.g. during the national congress or the “If not now, when?” women’s demonstration on February 13th).

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Application: SMS Campaign

Cesvi Fondazione Onlus is an independent, secular humanitarian organisation which works for international solidarity in more than 30 countries around the world. Following the humanitarian emergency in Libya, it was necessary to find a direct, fast channel to promote fundraising to ensure that help would reach people in the areas which needed it most, through distributing first aid materials, blankets, sanitation kits and food for children.

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