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Find out many success stories on how to use SMS for business

We work with a large number of companies across various sectors. This page shows some of our most recent success stories, and examples of how businesses can benefit from our SMS advertising and SMS contact solutions.

SMS Applications for Web and Software developers and integrators

Developers create innovative applications which increasingly leverage SMS functionality in order to reach end users. Web developers, software vendors or system integrators can integrate SMS functionality into proprietary applications or directly into programs created for their clients (e.g. SMS CRM, SMS ERP, SMS CMS...). This enables them to offer end users the option of requesting and/or receiving information anywhere, while on the move, without having to have a PC available. Simply by using mobile phones and text messages. The Skebby SMS Gateway can be integrated in less than 30 minutes in a straightforward process with no fixed set-up fees.


The mission of PA Digitale SpA, a leading business for innovation in public services, is to simplify, reorganise and modernise internal processes in public authorities. PA Digitale wanted to integrate the SMS channel into its management solutions, to offer a direct, effective channel of communication to the clients of public services.

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Application: Web component to send SMS

WebRatio is an innovative Model-Driven environment for building Java web applications, without proprietary components. The company was looking for a reliable business partner in order to integrate single and bulk SMS sending functionality into applications generated by WebRatio.

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Application: Sign up via SMS and promotional campaigns

Ooros is a company in Turin which developed Desidoo, a social shopping network which puts customers and shopkeepers in touch with each other. Ooros wanted to integrate the SMS gateway into its platform, by adding SMS as a method for customers to sign up, and to allow shopkeepers to carry out promotional campaigns.

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Application: Reminders via SMS

DuePuntoUno is a Milan-based company which works to optimise mobility management by gathering, aggregating and distributing geolocated data through various channels (web and mobile). The Municipality of Cuneo was looking for a direct, simple channel for communicating with local citizens in real time, and specifically for reminding citizens of times and dates of parking restrictions due to street cleaning.

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Application: Authentication via SMS

Trampoline is a web application for creating and managing authentication portals for public wireless networks, hotspots and hotzones. Trampoline was looking for a secure, hassle-free method of user authentication for connections to public wireless networks, which would comply with current legislation while avoiding manual procedures and bureaucracy.

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Application: Sending informative text message

xCALLY offre una soluzione per la gestione di Contact Center Inbound e Outbound. xCALLY ha integrato le API SMS di Skebby per inviare messaggi dal proprio contact center. Durante il flusso di chiamata l'operatore del call center può inviare in contemporanea alla chiamata un SMS di promemoria al cliente con l'informazione richiesta.

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Application: CRM campaigns

Egg Solutions specialises in building Cloud computing software for more than 400 financial services companies. Egg Solutions needed to add an SMS channel to its own financial platform.

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Application: Marketing/PR Text Message Campaigns

MioIndirizzo offre soluzioni IT e di marketing multicanale. Integrando il Gateway SMS nei propri pacchetti offre alle proprie aziende clienti la possibilità di effettuare campagne SMS promozionali singole e/o multicanali in contemporanea con newsletter e social network.

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Application: SMS Campaigns

Toltech develops and implements efficient, effective IT solutions, including the integration of existing tools. Its services are aimed at all those businesses who believe that IT systems and software can make a significant contribution to improving their company’s efficiency. Toltech was looking for an SMS supplier to allow its clients to send bulk SMS for marketing and CRM campaigns.

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