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Our customers are our best publicity! Read their testimonials on using SMS.


Thanks to the innovative platform Skebby offered us, we saved 70% on contact costs for the "Memo Focus" service, while at the same time offering our readers a value-added service.
Sandro Boeri, Focus
Skebby is a young, dynamic company and we've found it to be the ideal partner for managing text alerts sent from technological platforms developed on behalf of our clients.
Federico Fratta, Adsentia
Skebby was the obvious choice: originally we were interested by their competitive prices, then by their initial willingness to carry out testing with the APIs, and lastly by the speed of delivery of the texts, compared to other SMS suppliers we tried
Antonio Sapienza, Bizmate
SMS has improved the customer experience offered by these companies: thanks to this fast, effective communication tool they have been able to step up their business relationships and customer care
Lorenzo Fontanella, Elatos Web
In the past, our clients often requested SMS sending functionality for their applications. Integrating Skebby into WebRatio was a simple, speedy operation and we’re certain that our clients will be happy with the results
Emanuele Molteni, WebRatio
Skebby has provided us with an excellent service in terms of price, of gateway configuration and administrative management
Daniele Apiletti, Ooros
Skebby has always ensured an impeccable service and the most suitable solutions for our needs
Paolo Rigamonti, DuePuntoUno
The best thing about having chosen Skebby is the amazed expression on our clients' - and their clients' – faces when they get the Hotspot activation text on their smartphone in seconds: "It's arrived already?! You can't put a price on that!"
Giampaolo Mancini, Trampoline
Improved management of interactions, due to sending information directly to customer’s mobile phones. Faster, more complete customer service thanks to SMS integration. An excellent customer experience
Daniela Pizzurro, xCALLY
Thanks to Skebby, we can offer our companies exactly what they ask, supplying a useful, efficient service
Damiano Ferraioli, Egg
Thanks to Skebby we've been able to integrate a new method into our system, allowing us to reach our campaign users in a way that's fast, reliable and extremely competitive within its market.
Andrea Colognese, MioIndirizzo
The Skebby SMS Messenger application has given us a fast, simple, cost-effective way of managing bulk SMS campaigns on behalf of our clients
Stefano Arrigoni, Toltech Srl
We chose Skebby because unlike its competitors, it provides the HTTPS protocol which guarantees secure transmission of medical information. What’s more, the text messages can be purchased directly by our clients at extremely competitive rates!
Leonardo Del Priore, Uma Innovation
Through the Email to SMS service we are able to keep updated in real time our client on all our activities! We also receive detailed info from our system automatically: my steady monitoring work is guaranteed!
Nicola Oriti, MutuiOnline
Skebby enabled to easily integrate SMS sending with its CRM processes, improving our relationships with customers and informing them in real time of how their loan applications were progressing
Cesare Costantino,
Rapid, speedy and effective! We've solved a whole lot of contact problems with Skebby.
Emanuele Palmarini, INA ASSITALIA
The Gateway SMS system allowed us to create an innovative system to support programming for our universal remote controls, thus offering a service to our customer base
Paolo Cipri, Meliconi
SMS Messenger has allowed us to speed up our work in terms of contacting customers, saving us time and money. Instead of letters and phone calls, we’re sending messages to all customers for whom we have a mobile number. We’ve managed to save up to 40% of costs for sending letters and making calls. We also customise the texts, with the '[name]' variable, inserting the registration number of the customer’s vehicle in the message body!
We only send texts to customers who have come to our shops and asked to receive updates, and therefore only those who are really interested in reading about our schemes and promotions. That’s why there’s such a high redemption rate compared to other channels. With Skebby we not only keep costs down, but we’ve created a service that our clients actually want
Cesare Sappino, 2Win S.p.a.
Customers are rapidly informed about our commercial projects, our events and marketing campaigns. This way they can interact with the company and make the most of promotions. The company has also achieved 40% savings on its contact costs
Davide Sorbello, Claudio Miceli
By using SMS alerts as a dispatch note, which therefore allows customers to get in touch with QVC Customer Care immediately, the number of failed deliveries is falling constantly, allowing the company to making savings across the entire distribution process. What’s more, QVC Italia is now able to develop innovative new services involving SMS sending and receiving
Claudio Rivabene, QVC Italia
We use SMS to create customer loyalty and establish a relationship right from the moment of booking. What’s more, the promotional texts are sent to 70% of our customer database, as opposed to just 50% who can be reached by sending e-mails
Mauro Bighin, Boscolo Travel
Thanks to Skebby we can communicate with our clients in real time, at reasonable prices!
Elena D'Attoma, Filo diretto Viaggi
Thanks to the Skebby gateway, SSM implemented the “Telesosta” service to pay for parking via text message. This offers our customers the option to activate, change or extend the parking time from any location using their mobile phones, without worrying about the parking meter running out, and receive text alerts when their parking time is about to expire or when their prepaid credit is running out
Pierluigi Pellegrini, Sistema Sosta e Mobilità SpA
By sending SMS announcements to all those who have requested to receive updates, the Centro Servizi Taxi La Fontana has improved the services it offers its members. “Text messages allow us to immediately contact members, all together or individually. Thanks to Skebby, we provide punctual, rapid information
We immediately achieved good initial results, people who have been contacted by SMS have confirmed that they often did not have time to filter and read through all the e-mails they receive, while with this method they’re more easily able to identify an important association event and therefore reschedule their diary accordingly. What's more, this helps them to confirm their attendance, an action that is crucial for us as organisers. The system is direct and works in real time: there are no company intermediaries, there’s no delay in sending the memo to the intended recipient of our announcement. This is a great advantage when, for example, events have to be rescheduled at the last minute. Another benefit we’ve achieved is that more people are taking part in our events as a consequence. Lastly, many people have said that they now perceive us as being more dynamic and more aware of their needs.
By using Skebby to send SMS to their Clients, the shoe shops in our Federation can offer targeted offers at low cost, which is also due to our promoter’s discount
Massimo Donda, Federcalzature
Text messages are remarkably effective as they go directly to mobile phones and immediately arouse people’s curiosity; they’re much shorter than letters or postcards so we have to condense the information, but we always include a phone number and encourage our members to call us for details. Indeed, our response rate with SMS is 35% compared to 2% for newsletters, so far more responses than traditional channels. What’s more, Web SMS is saving us up to 70% on costs for printing and mailing letters
Francesco La Francesca, Confartigianato Trapani
We’ve given our members the chance to share opinions and ideas live on our website, simply by sending a text message. Skebby has allowed us to create an interactive exchange of information for no more than the price of an SMS!
For us at Cesvi text messages are a very important communication channel given the high level of engagement, the chance to have one-to-one interaction, and the fact they are read in real time. Indeed, this tool boasts excellent visibility, and allows direct interaction with our donors. Particularly when there's an emergency, it's crucial for us to let people know about our humanitarian work immediately, and inform them on how they can help by making a donation.
Myrta Canzonieri, Cesvi