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We make easy and immediate to communicate via SMS from your app or from the web!

Who we are

The company

Skebby™ - Mobile Solution Srl is a company of the group Mobyt SpA listed on AIM Italy and Italian leader of Mobile Marketing & Services and also operates in the field of Web Advertising.
Skebby operates in the innovative sector of online SMS services and has developed an innovative platform for the provision of SMS marketing & service solutions, accessible from third parties' applications and web servers via API as well as from any pc via a web application. Furthermore Skebby developed the first mobile app for free texts over the internet from any mobile phone defined by the press as the "Skype for SMS".
Skebby offers to large business, SMEs and public entities, SMS send and receive services, single or multiple in broadcasting, free or paid for, to communicate special offers and coupons, confirm events and appointments, deliver contents or gather info, requests and contributions or run surveys via text message.
Skebby is trusted by 49.400 businesses including leading media and brands.

The Team

  • Marco Pizzi

    Marco Pizzi - Direct & Digital Marketing Specialist

    Marco is specialized in web Marketing. After studying Media Languages at the Catholic University of Milan he gained experience in communication and direct marketing B2B. At Skebby he takes care of direct and web marketing and product management.

  • Simone Righini

    Simone Righini - SEO Specialist

    Simone, who is a qualified IT technician, has been working in web design since 1999. He was an editor for in 2005, and in 2006 carried out SEO optimisation for At Skebby he manages our websites positioning using SEO.

  • Daniele Biggiogero

    Daniele Biggiogero - Web Developer

    Daniele is specialized in website design & development using PHP, Javascript and jQuery. He has several year experience in website and newsletter design and maintenance. In Skebby is responsible for the website's design and automation.

  • Claudio Zanaroli

    Claudio Zanaroli - Sales Manager

    Claudio specializes in selling complex solutions to large businesses in the ERP, ICT and security. Computer programmer analyst he gained over ten year experience in sales for Zucchetti Group and previously for the multinational Panda Security. In Skebby is responsible for direct sales to large accounts and resellers.

  • Luca Cuni Berzi

    Luca Cuni Berzi - Customer Support Specialist

    With a degree in Banking and Finance, Luca has years of experience working in Business and Consumer customer support for major Italian and international financial services companies such as Fineco, Unicredit and Landsbanki Kepler. At Skebby, he is responsible for customer management/support activities and administration.

Where we are

Where we are Our head office is located in Milan, Italy.
Head office Email:
Tel: +39 02 40 70 72 40
Fax: +39 02 87 15 29 37
Twitter: @skebby
Address:Via Melzo n.12, 20129 Milan

Join the team

Want to be part of a dynamic, technologically advanced, boldly innovative environment? We're on the lookout for fresh talent. We'd like to work with you. Take a look at current job openings at Skebby and decide whether we're your kind of people.

Awards and Recognitions

Our platform and services have already been acknowledged as being among the most advanced and innovative of their kind.
Startcup Milano
Skebby won the "Special Award for the Best Entrepreneurial Idea in Milan" at the Start Cup Milano 2010.
Camera di commercio di Milano
Skebby won the "Connect your Business" the competition run by the Milan Chamber of Commerce for innovative businesses.

Members of

Logo Acquisti in rete pa
Skebby is the only vendor qualified to offer SMS services for Public Administration in Italy through the ecommerce portal
Logo Osservatori ICT & Management
Skebby is partner of IAB ITALIA, the Italian association of the operators of the digital interactive communication market.
Consorzio Netcomm
Skebby is partner of NetComm, consortium for the promotion and support to the electronic trade development.
Consorzio Italia StartUp
Skebby is partner of Italia Startup, association that gather and represent Startups.