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Promote and integrate
SMS Skebby
among your clients
Link your customers to you
in one of these
three possible ways
Clients purchase
text bundles
on Skebby website
You gain
up to 20% on each purchase

Who it’s aimed at

  • Developers who integrate SMS either into their own application or into those developed on their clients’ behalf
  • Professionals or consultants wanting to promote Skebby SMS services

What’s in it for you

  • It’s free, becoming a Skebby partner costs nothing.
  • Give access to Skebby’ solutions integrated in your app or into the one developed for clients.
  • You can earn up to 20% commission on credit purchased by your clients.
  • Earn a commission on all purchases made by your clients, for the program duration.
  • It's easy: you link your customers to you through custom link or using partner code.
  • Updated reports with registered users, purchases made and your earnings.

What you can earn

Text bundle purchased by your client

  Your earnings

SMS volume

Unit price €

Amount €


Amount €

   250 € 0,064 € 16 20% € 3
   500 € 0,064 € 32 20% € 6
   1.000 € 0,064 € 64 20% € 13
   2.500 € 0,064 € 160 20% € 32
   5.000 € 0,059 € 295 20% € 59
   10.000 € 0,056 € 560 15% € 84
   25.000 € 0,053 € 1.325 15% € 199
   50.000 € 0,051 € 2.550 10% € 255

All amounts are VAT excluded.

Greatest flexibility to not miss any deal

To be even more competitive, you can offer to your clients an extra 2%, 5% or 10% discount on the price list by reducing the same amount on your commision.

How the program works

In four simple steps you are ready to start:

num 1 step 1

Sign up to Skebby
and join the program
for free
num 2 step 2

Promote and
SMS Skebby services
num 3 step 3

Decide how to
link your customers
to you
num 4 step 4

Check your
results and cash in
your earnings

Link your clients to you

Choose your preferred method for linking your clients to you:

1. Sign your clients up

Create an account yourself on behalf of your client. You can do this through the form which you'll find by clicking on the link below. Once you've completed the sign-up, the system will assign the client your partner code, which they can see completely openly. This will allow us to recognise them and link all their purchases back to you.

2. Get your clients to sign up through a dedicated link

If you clients prefer, they can sign up to Skebby themselves: but in order to link them to you, they'll have to sign up via a link given to them by you, which contains your partner code (in complete transparency). Again, this lets us link your client and their purchases to you.

3. Create and communicate clients your partner code

Create and tell your clients your partner code, thanks to which any purchases they make on Skebby will be linked to you. Your clients will benefit from even better SMS tariffs: an additional discount of 2% compared to our official price list.