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Why Use Mobile and Text Messaging for Marketing and Services

With technological convergence, the mobile phone has become a digital extension of the consumer. It's used by more than 85% of the population, and is second only to the TV among the mass media. Unlike television, the mobile channel offers immediacy, personalisation, interaction, localisation and ubiquity, allowing businesses to give their users a high value added experience. For mobile users, text messaging is the most simple, immediate and widespread service: more than 96% of people who own a mobile phone use the SMS service.

The growing importance of the mobile phone and messaging services is demonstrated by the macro data issued by sector experts, including the Monitoring Centre at the Politecnico di Milano. The 2011 Report by the Mobile Marketing & Service Monitoring Centre estimates that the Italian mobile advertising market is worth 56 million euros, up 50% on the previous year, while in 2011 the text messaging market is estimated at 94 million euros, 29% more than in 2010. Above all, the SMS market has been driven significantly by the growing interest shown by business and the public sector in creating proprietary databases which they use to communicate with their clients via SMS. Also at small-scale, local level ' shops, bars, restaurants, pizzerias, professional firms and so on ' there has been considerable interest in gathering customers' profiles and mobile numbers in order to send advertising SMS with both promotional and service-related content.

Other studies have shown that, on average, more than 45% of consumers notice mobile advertising and promotions, with a response rate of around 32%. Research also demonstrates that once people respond to promotional text messages, more than a third (around 39%) go on to make purchases, becoming loyal customers.