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In this section you can discover how business of all sizes from SMEs to multinational corporations across every sector of commerce benefit from SMS marketing & service. Choose a sector and select the logo to view the case studies.

Send text alerts to players of lotteries, games and betting

SMS mobile marketing is becoming a very widespread communication channel for lotteries, gaming and betting. Particularly popular services and games include poker and betting. Paying members of these clubs want to quickly receive information on odds, prices and tips for improving their playing strategy and probability of winning. Text messages are the most direct, immediate channel there is to allow information to be spread at any time to anyone. The Skebby SMS Messenger service can be used from any PC and is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

How can lotteries benefit from SMS mobile marketing?

Promote events

Send SMS to your database with updates on the latest races, matches or opportunities, giving them the chance to bet or book their place at the table.

Odds alerts

Send odds for horse racing, football matches and other sporting events in real time using SMS gaming and SMS lotteries.

Announce promotions

Notify people with details of promotions, special offers or discounts that you’re running, with text alerts.

What if you have no mobile numbers available?

There are various ways of gathering mobile phone numbers:

  • By simply publishing on all promotional materials (signage, brochures, posters, leaflets, websites, etc.) "Send an SMS to +39 366 58 60 580 with the words NAME OF YOUR LOTTERY"
  • If you have a website, by adding a registration form where customers can enter their mobile numbers
  • By requesting numbers through loyalty card schemes, or simply asking customers directly.

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