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You downloaded Skebby and a friend did the same? You exchange unlimited free Skebby SMS forever.

You just need a mobile phone with internet connection and download the application to send Free SMS to all your friends Skebby-to-Skebby.

An alert or a buzz* notifies the recipient of the arrival of a New Skebby SMS. The latter by connecting will read the message.

Nothing will be due to Skebby. Your operator will charge you only a minimum cost (about 1 cent) for Internet connection or zero if you have a flat rate.


SMS Skebby


Number of
0 0 0 unlimited
1 cent*/sms
(0 cent with flat rate)

*average connection cost per 1 cent SMS/with a volume based Internet rate.
Check volume based Internet rates with your operator.

Your friends does not know about Skebby yet? Invite them to download it or pass the application to them directly via SMS or bluetooth. You will exchange unlimited SMS at zero cost forever. Or use Classic SMS to send SMS at 7 cents to everyone everywhere in the world even when roaming abroad.

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Free SMS from your Sim

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*In order to prevent any abuse of the service, Skebby introduced the disabling from Free SMS of any account with five or more notification buzz answered (when a new SMS skebby arrives). Please be sure to save in your phonebook the number from which the notification buzz arrives, and turn off any answering machine or call transfer services on your mobile. See here for further info.

Do you still have doubts? See the other Frequently asked questions (FAQs) FAQ(s)

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