The application for Free SMS from mobile!

Skebby is

Skebby is the mobile application for sending Free SMS over the internet from a mobile phone. It is like Skype but for SMS. It is free and easy to download and to use. It works on all the mobile phones without switching operator, number or signing a new contract. A volume based Internet Mobile rate is enough and you can activate it for free with your mobile operator.

Why Skebby?

Comprarison between data trasmission
cost via SMS vs data to the space


Perchè Skebby
Trasmission cost for 1 MB of data sent via SMS from Italy abroad (EU Country)**
Trasmission cost for 1 MB of data sent via SMS within Italy**
Trasmission cost for 1 MB of data sent to the Earth from Hubble Space telescope*
* = Price estimated by Nasa
** = Price estimated for 1 MB SMS equivalent to ~7490 messages at list price (excluding promotion) of italian mobile operator which vary between 10 and 15 cents for SMS within Italy and 12-30 cents for SMS sent abroad.

Transmitting data via SMS is from 70 to 255 times more expensive than transmitting the same amount of data from the space to the earth or via internet. The SMS rates are truly "astronomic" and not justified.