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In three steps, how to send free SMS and MMS to all your contacts!

How to send SMS to your clients, staff members and agents for free

Here are the three simple steps you need to take to send SMS at no cost and start saving on your SMS campaigns!

  • Promote the Skebby Free SMS app on your website or printed materials (brochures, posters etc.), by mailing out a newsletter or on other media
  • Staff, colleagues, agents and clients have to download Skebby from their phone's browser by visiting and sign up to Skebby for free the first time they launch the program
  • Sign up to Skebby for free, if you haven't already, and when your partners have activated Skebby on their mobiles you can send them SMS free of charge with your info, content or services from your application through API or from the web control panel. You can also send the same content via SMS to anyone who doesn't have Skebby for mobile starting at 1,9 cents everywhere