An easy way to send SMS from your email account!

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Send texts directly from your Email

SMS da Email

SMS Messenger is the simple and fast solution to send SMS from every email account.
Easy as sending a mail! You just need to write the mail with some little advices and you'll send SMS to everyone!
Sign up fo free to Skebby and you'll receive 1 free SMS for free trial. Activate the SMS Messenger service by logging into your Personal Area: insert the email address that you want to send your SMS and start to send SMS from the mail with the unbeatable prices of Skebby, for free if you send SMS to users that have Skebby installed on their cellphone.

Advantages to send SMS from email

  • Compose and send SMS directly from your email account without installing other applications
  • Write the SMS easy and fast in the text field of the mail thanks to the keyboard
  • Copy & paste the text in a moment and send long SMS at all your friends
  • Your cellphone number will appear as the sender of the SMS
  • Select multiple number/contacts and send the same message to everyone with one click
  • Back up your SMS as like as for the emails

How it works

Go to > Login > Email to SMS and write the email account that will be used for the SMS sending. You can add all your email accounts.

Insert the recipient of the SMS in the "TO" or "CC" mail field, using the following pattern:
Example: to send a SMS Classic to +39 333.1234567

Send the same SMS to multiple friends in the same time just adding their addresses in the "CC" field of your mail.
Email account for sending SMS
To send texts by email you'll need to indicate which email account you want to use for sending. To set it up, go to > Login > Settings > Send SMS > Email to SMS. You can add as many emails as you like.
SMS Recipient: use the TO or CC field
The number of the SMS recipient must be entered in the "TO" or "CC" field using the following format: The mobile number must be entered in international format - customers can choose from the example formats shown below:
Here are some examples: to send an SMS Classic to +39 333.1234567 to send an SMS Classic + to +39 333.1234567 to send an SMS Basic to +39 333.1234567 to send an SMS Skebby 0cent to +39 333.1234567
It is possible to send bulk messages up to 50 email/SMS simultaneously. If you send more than 50 email with this method the service will be suspended. See below how to send bulk messages.
Multiple recipients / Bulk sending
To send up to 100 email/SMS you can send an SMS by entering each additional recipient to the "CC" field, using the standard format
To send greater than 100 and up to 50,000 email/SMS add the recipient in the standard format in the body of the email after the ## character that indicates the end of the text to be sent. You don't need to enter spaces or any other chars between one recipient and the following.
Sending to groups
You can send an SMS to a group previously saved on > Login > Contacts > Groups by entering it in the "TO" or "CC" field of the email using the following format:
For example to send to the group "Colleagues" a Classic, Classic + or Basic SMS:
The GROUPNAME must be one word, the same as the one saved on and contain at least one alphabetic char.
To send SMS to default groups:
"Favorites" contacts send an email to
"Mobile address book" contacts send an email to
"All contacts" send an email to
SMS Sender
All SMS will be sent from the default Sender ID set up on your Skebby account. If you are using SMS Classic, in the Subject field you'll be able to personalise Sender ID for each message sent with an alphanumeric string (only the first 11 alphanumeric characters will be taken into account). If you're using SMS Basic, the email subject line will be ignored.
Message text
The message text must be written within the body of the email where you'd usually write the text of your email. If the body of the email is empty, the email will be sent but the SMS will not arrive (no message charged).
End of SMS
The ## character indicates the end of the text to be sent: it marks the end of the SMS and must always be included. Any text after ## (e.g. your email accounts's auto signature) will not be sent. After the character ## you can enter the list of the recipieints of the SMS using the standard format without any spaces or other characters between one address and the others.
Length of SMS
You can send messages of up to 1530 characters joined together as a single message (SMS Classic), up to 1549 divided over 9 SMS (SMS Basic) and up to 1600 characters for SMS Skebby 0cent messages. The cost of sending depends on the length of the SMS: it is calculated for every 152 characters after the first message for SMS Classic and every 155 characters for SMS Basic (the second SMS contains 151 characters).
PIN Authentication
You can request PIN authentication when sending SMS to Email for greater security. You'll need to set it up in your Skebby account settings: in order to send SMS by email the sender must include an address among the recipients, e.g.:, where "yourpin123" corresponds to an alphanumeric security code (minimum 6 characters), which is indicated by the user in the Private Area i.e. > Login > Settings > Send SMS > Email to SMS. If you choose PIN authentication, to send an SMS from any email address you've registered it will be compulsory to enter the email address with PIN as one of the recipients, otherwise the message will not be sent.

Come fare per inviare SMS da email


Sign up for free: Skebby gives you 1 free SMS to everyone.


Go to > Login > Email to SMS and write the mail address that will be used to send the SMS


On your enabled inbox, add the number/address of the recipients, write the message on the text field (as always) and send the mail.
The message will be sent as a SMS!
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